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Special Access Tour of the Colosseum’s Arena Stage

Colosseum view from below

Step away from the general admission and long lines of the Colosseum, for the chance to experience priority entrance to the gladiators’ arena stage. After saving precious time by avoiding the wait in tedious queues, gain special access to the stern gate of the Colosseum. Walk in the steps of the gladiators on the stage where the world-renowned gladiator battles once occurred. As you embark on this unique tour experience, follow your insightful, historical guide through the history of ancient Rome and the exact locations where the timeline of the ancient Roman Empire began.


Highlights of the Gladiator Gate Colosseum Arena Tour:


Priority Entrance & Skip the Line –

Unlike many other “skip-the-line” tours, this special access Colosseum experience allows you to bypass even the general entrance, “skip-the-line” queues. Follow your guide to the rear entrance of the Colosseum and avoid the lines altogether. For this specific, restricted area tour, you are granted access to a priority entrance that permits you to walk directly onto the gladiator stage. From here, experience unparalleled views of the Colosseum from the stage floor.


Restricted Area Access & Gladiator Gate-

Prior to touring through the first and second tiers of the Colosseum, begin in the restricted area of the gladiator, arena stage. From here, learn about gruesome, gladiator fights that occurred on the ground below you. From the stage, you have up-close views of the dungeons, trap doors and secret chambers beneath. And just above, incredible panorama of the Colosseum from the viewpoint that the gladiators once experienced. Allow your guide to take you back in time to the incredible battles that included exotic animals, highly trained gladiators, naval ship battles, and of course the roaring crowds above.


Knowledgeable Guides & Exclusive Insight –

In the company of our highly trained guides, take advantage of their years of experience, and discover the fascinating history of the Colosseum and the ancient Roman Empire. Uncover the dynamics of the gladiators training and battles, including the flooding of the Colosseum for strategic naval battles. Following the restricted area access tour of the gladiator gate and arena floor, walk through the first and second levels, as ancient Romans once did, to completely experience life inside the world’s largest ancient Roman amphitheater.


Complete Ancient Rome Experience –

What many visitors do not realize is that admission to the Colosseum also grants you access to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. With this Gladiators Gate Colosseum Arena Tour, enjoy a fully guided experience through the once metropolitan center of ancient Rome. In Europe’s largest archeological site, walk across cobblestones that line Via Sacra, which was at one point the main road and procession center during the Empire era. As you continue through the park, witness the Temple of Saturn, the burial site of Julius Cesar, House of Vestal Virgins, and remains of government buildings in which the Roman Senate convened. Additionally, get the chance to visit one of Rome’s most ancient sites, Palatine Hill. Apart from the inspiring history of this location, witness unbeatable views from the lookout terrace over Rome and the Roman Forum.


Tour Details –

Duration: 3 hours

Meeting Point: Colosseum Metro Station

Sites Visited: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill

Included: Admission tickets, licensed guide, audio headset

Private Colosseum Arena Floor tours are available upon request


Tips for Travelers –

Wear comfortable shoes, this restricted area tour involves walking and some areas of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill have uneven terrain and cobblestones.

During the summer months, please come hydrated and properly fed to avoid any heat-induced sickness.

Arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes prior to the tour start time.