Special Access – Colosseum Arena Floor and Underground Tour

A behind the scenes tour of the iconic Colosseum

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Tour Highlights

The tour will begin when you meet our fantastic guide at the Colosseum Metro station where we will begin with an introduction to this icon of Rome. Then the VIP treatment begins as you will bypass the long ticket lines and enter the monument through the ‘Gladiator’s Gate’ where you will be guided to areas of the Colosseum which are off-limits to those with standard tickets.

With an expert guide you will journey through the eerie maze of the Colosseum underground tunnels whilst hearing about the bloody glory of life as a Gladiator. You will be completely immersed in the area where the Gladiators and wild beasts were held together, alongside the elaborate machinery that was used to deliver them onto the arena floor. Imagine the roaring sounds from the crowds above and the smells of fear and anticipation.

Next you will have the exclusive opportunity to walk directly onto the partially reconstructed Colosseum Arena Floor where you will stand where the Gladiator’s once stood as they waited for battle. As our guide brings the surrounding ruins to life you can try to imagine what it was like to stand there with the crowds roaring down from above as you waited to meet your fate – which wild beast would appear out of the trapdoor? You will learn about how the stadium was constructed in order to fit thousands of spectators and how they were able to enter and exit swiftly. The guide will show you where the Emperor and senators sat as they watched the bloody spectacles unfold.

And it’s not over yet – after all this behind the scenes action, your guide will continue your Colosseum tour through the first and second levels of the monument. Once your tour is finished, be sure to stop at the balcony for a breath-taking view of the surrounding ancient city.