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Gondola Ride

Gondola Ride

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Venetian Gondola Experience

There is no better way to see Venice than from the city’s famous canals and waterways. Take a gondola on a sultry, smooth ride controlled and propelled by a professional local gondolier. This tour is an experience like no other, you will feel transported back in time as you float down the watery streets of Venice.

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  • Venetian culture and lifestyle from an incredible private viewpoint
  • Professional and local gondolier
  • 30 minutes duration

    This Gondola Experience Tour allows you to explore Venice the way it was meant to be seen: from the water! Our team member will be waiting to greet you at the meeting point and assist you with boarding your gondola. A peaceful, meandering gondola ride through shimmering waterways is the ultimate way to relax and escape the crowds of the city.
    The feeling of Venice
    Bask in the romance and exclusivity of floating down the canals in a gondola the way the Venetians have been doing it for centuries. Enjoy this historic point of view of the city as you pass under the beautiful bridges, past doorways from old palaces and homes, and languidly maneuver down peaceful waterways.
    Meet your gondolier
    To be a gondolier in Venice is an age old profession for those who wish to share their city and help visitors enjoy it as much as Venetians have over their long, illustrious history. Controlling and propelling the gondola as they gauge the mood of their clients, some gondoliers impart history of the city, sing to you traditional songs, or simply remain quiet to let you marvel at the beauty and enjoy the serenity of your ride.
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    • Assistant to meet and board
    • 30 minute gondola ride
    • Food and beverages
    • Hotel drop off/pick up (available upon request)
    • Gratuities
    Know Before You Go
    • Check in is 15 minutes prior to the starting time
    • 6 People maximum in each boat
    • Tour runs rain or shine!
    • No refunds for no-shows or late arrivals

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