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Special Access – Colosseum Underground, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Special Access – Colosseum Underground, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

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Special Offer skip the line
Special access tour of the Colosseum Underground Dungeons, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

This special access tour takes you to the depths of the Colosseum as you explore its underground chambers where you will see the elevator and trap door system that were key to staging the spectacles held in the arena. You will also have special access to the arena floor, where you will be center stage as you imagine the roar of the crowd and the gory battles that once took place exactly where you stand. Visit also the ruins of the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum with skip the line access and a guided tour.

Instant Configration
Mobile Voucher
  • Skip the Line access to the Colosseum
  • Fun professional licenced tour guide
  • Headsets
  • 2-3 hours
  • Photoshoot experience in Ancient Roman costume.
  • Complimentary tour of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Feel like a Rockstar with our exclusive ‘access all areas’ back stage pass to Rome’s most majestic monument. Journey to the depths of the Colosseum underground and then onto the Arena floor to get a feel for what life was like for a gladiator as they prepared to take centre stage for their bloody battles. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that will, without a doubt, be the highlight of your trip – yes we’re that confident you’ll love it. You will then journey over to the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum for a tour of the ruins of the Imperial Palaces and centre of Ancient Roman life.
Exclusive Underground Access
This exclusive tour will begin outside the Colosseum where our fun and fabulous guide will be waiting to meet you. Standing in the heart of Ancient Rome you will have a brief introduction to the icon of Rome. The VIP treatment will then begin as you start your journey back to the ancient times, accessing areas which are off-limits to those with standard tickets. You will bypass the long lines and enter the monument through a dedicated priority entrance reserved for VIPs like you. With an expert guide you will walk through the eerily quiet maze of underground chambers where the gladiators were held alongside wild animals as they all waited together for battle. Don’t forget to imagine sounds from the roaring crowds about plus the smell – for some sensory authenticity! You will see the innovative machinery that was built to deliver the gladiators and animals directly onto the arena floor above.
Special Arena Floor Access
You will then have the exclusive opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the gladiators onto the Arena floor. Cameras at the ready because this is an amazing sight. Take a moment to soak up the atmosphere, looking up at the imposing ruins around you, and imagine what it was like for the gladiators to stand under the blistering Roman sun and the roars of 70 000 bloodthirsty spectators as they awaited their fate. Your guide will bring the ruins to life, will show you where the emperor sat and will tell you facts about how the stadium was constructed in order to fit thousands of spectators who were there to watch gory bloody battles unfold. And it’s not over yet – your guide will then take you through the first and second tiers of the Colosseum where you can see the arena from the point of view of the spectator.
Ancient Rome
After having some free time to enjoy the Colosseum you will then begin the second part of this amazing tour which journeys through the heart of Ancient Roman civic and political life – the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. Read More..
  • Entrance tickets & all fees
  • Priority skip the line entrance
  • Professional licenced tour guide
  • Headsets
  • Food & beverages
  • Hotel drop off/pick up
  • Gratuities
  • The latest check-in is no later than 15 minutes before the tour start time
  • The tour runs rain or shine! Refunds will not be provided for no-shows or late arrivals
  • Skip-the-line and priority entrance refers to the ticket line only and not the security check line which everyone has to go through upon entering the Colosseum
  • There may be additional security checks and some delays due to new security measures in operation
  • Please be advised that the exact reservation times may vary slightly due to decisions made by the Colosseum administration office on or before the scheduled tour date. These last-minute changes are outside of our control but if the time will vary by 20 minutes either before or after your original tour time then we will contact you by email to inform you of this change.
  • Entrance to the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum will be with the tour guide only, guests cannot leave the group and enter these areas alone as they will not have an individual ticket. For group reservations the Colosseum does not provide individual tickets but one group ticket which the guide will use for all three areas.
  • The Palatine Hill and Roman Forum section of the tour runs at set times each day. It will not begin immediately after your Colosseum tour has finished as time is given for guests to explore the Colosseum for a while on their own. You will be informed of the exact time and meeting point for this part of the tour, it is usually, but not always, around 45 minutes after the end of your Colosseum tour.
  • If you are booked onto the last Colosseum Underground tour of the day there may not be a Palatine and Roman Forum tour afterwards due to the closing times. In this instance you may choose to join one of our Palatine Hill and Roman Forum tours earlier in the day before your Underground Colosseum tour begins or alternatively join the complimentary tour the next morning.
  • For the Colosseum Underground tours – for the Underground section of the tour, as per the Colosseum Authority policy, you will join a larger group for this section of the tour only. The maximum size of this group will be 24. Upon exiting the underground chambers, we will leave this larger group and your tour with our guide will recommence as before.
  • Only small bags will be allowed inside. Prohibited items include scissors, pocket knives, aerosols and liquids, even if less than 100ml (except for water)
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult, children under 3 years of age are free
  • Please bring valid photographic ID as you will be asked to show this at the Colosseum’s entrance
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Bring a bottle of water (especially in hot weather)
  • Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair accessible

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  • Paul W.

    If you have children, this Colosseum underground tour is the best thing you’ll do in Rome.

    February 27, 2020 at 7:40 am
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