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Guided Tour of the Colosseum Arena

Walk in the footsteps of the Gladiators with special access onto the Arena floor

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Colosseum Arena and Gladiator’s Gate Special Access Tour

Join this special access guided tour of the Colosseum with Show Me Italy and you will have the time of your life. Not only will you pass the long ticket lines (who has the time for that?) but you will enter the Colosseum through an exclusive entrance – The Gladiator’s Gate. With your fabulous tour guide you will explore Rome’s most famous (and infamous) ancient structure, standing were Romans, gladiators, and Caesars once stood. You will have special access to the Colosseum Arena floor where you will stand exactly where all the gory action took place.

This tour is one of Show Me Italy’s most detailed and informative tours of the Colosseum. If you’re not one for too much detail you may be interested in our Express Colosseum tour, which fits an entire Colosseum tour into just one hour!

 Tour Highlights

With our exclusive access, this guided tour of the Colosseum allows you to skip the line as you walk through the Gladiator’s Gate and directly onto the partially reconstructed Arena floor. After a little meet and greet with our guide at the meeting point, you will be on your way to the ancient times – this tour is going to make you feel like you have stepped back 2000 years in time!

The tour will begin with an introduction to the Colosseum’s magnificent facade, its ingenious design, and to those responsible for its construction. As you stand in the heart of Ancient Rome, you will learn about the spectacular Arch of Constantine that sits in front of the Palatine Hill, as well as the beautiful ruins of the Roman Forum — a picturesque backdrop for Rome’s most famous monument. You can visit both of these areas, along with the Colosseum, on our Ancient Rome Tour.

Your tour guide will point out architectural details on the Colosseum and give surprising little-known facts as you make your way to the Gladiator’s Gate. With priority access and a dedicated entrance, you will skip the long ticket lines into the Colosseum as well as the lines at the group entrance. Just as the gladiators did centuries ago, you will walk through the Gladiator’s Gate and onto the Arena floor. Get your cameras ready as this is one of the best photo opportunities on your Colosseum tour!

As you enjoy this unique view of the Colosseum, your guide will describe the many gladiatorial battles that took place in the arena and show you where the emperor and senators used to sit as they watched the bloody spectacles unfold. You will also be the envy of the thousands of tourists looking down on you from above.

What’s more, you can peek over the railing for an up-close view of the underground tunnels and chambers that housed both the gladiators and the wild animals used in the shows. After enjoying this special access, the guided tour continues through the first and second levels of the Colosseum. Once the tour is finished, be sure to stop at the balcony for a breath-taking view of the surrounding ancient city!

You can also follow this tour up with our Best of Rome Tour, which explores the Pantheon, Trajan’s Column, and Piazza Navona! Please contact us if you have any questions.